You need design.

Design isn’t just about making something look nice. Design is about purpose. It sends a message, tells a story. Good design will make it clear who you are, what you do, and why everyone needs you.

We can respect a DIY mentality, but for the important things, you need a pro.

Design is important, and we’re those pros.


Josh has worked in all levels of the design process—from developing UX strategies in an agency, to cutting posters on a warehouse floor, to laying out stodgy corporate manuals. He’s done design work for everyone from garage bands to major car companies. But Josh’s real knack is for coming up with the big ideas.

When Josh isn’t designing, he’s usually watching a Ken Burns documentary, posting GIFs on Twitter, or wrestling the three boys.



Liz’s background in teaching English has been very useful in the design process. She has loads of practice in being concise, showing instead of telling, and properly using apostrophes. A hodgepodge of art school training, work in social media, and affection for Pantone give Liz her eye for color and trend.

When not splashing around in paint, Liz is found humming along to BoyzIIMen or sipping bourbon (neat, please).